Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter – Winter Vehicle Maintenance

At Steele Clarenville Chrysler, we aim to keep you safe on the road, especially during hazardous winters. Proper vehicle maintenance is one of the most essential factors in staying safe when driving in winter. Regularly maintaining your vehicle is essential to its overall performance and longevity. Preparing your vehicle for winter can help to minimize the wear and tear that this season brings, leaving you with a more reliable vehicle all year round. Here are some important vehicle maintenance services that you should perform to winterize your vehicle for the upcoming season!

1.Install Winter Tires

Winter tires have been specially designed to provide optimum traction on icy roads. Their special tread pattern means they have an excellent grip which enhances the vehicle’s braking distance, decreases the chance of slipping, and reduces the probability of collisions. They’re also engineered to handle sub-zero temperatures without losing pressure. Stay safe this winter, and install winter tires now!

2.Switch to Winter Wiper Blades

Proper winter wiper blades enhance your safety and protect your windshield. These special blades are stronger and can push away heavy snow, improving your visibility. The rubber in winter wiper blades better handles the freezing temperature without cracking.

3.Pack a Winter Safety Kit

Stay safe this winter, and ensure you have an emergency kit on hand. Winter brings storms that can leave you stranded on the side of the road in extreme cold. In your winter safety kit, be sure to pack warm clothes, a blanket, water bottles, non-perishable food, as well as a shovel to dig yourself out of snow and anti-freeze. Contact us for more information on what to pack in your emergency winter kit!

Winterize Your Vehicle Today!

Our dealership in Clarenville, NL, has an expert Service Centre with trained professionals that are ready to help you winterize your vehicle today. Book a service appointment and get your vehicle prepared for winter now. Whether you’re in Shoal Harbour, Sunnyside, Hickmans Harbour, or Milton, we are just a short distance away! Visit us to benefit from our many service specials!